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[WIP] Glitch Reference by Voscian [WIP] Glitch Reference by Voscian
Here's a WIP on Glitch's reference!
I will be extending his tail LOL

Information is subject to change.


Name: Glitch Way

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Species: MTT

Height: 3'5" at shoulders, 5'0" at top of head

Length: Average, he’s about 15’ long.

Body Type: Healthy, but thin build. Long, lean body.

Saliva: Bright green | Smells like limes when aroused.

Tail hologram: Similar to markings on forelegs; Makes a rectangle around his tail. Also has two circular ones around his tail, found in front and behind rectangular hologram. Hums when he moves. The hologram never touches his tail, it just floats above it.

Humanoid Traits-


Weight: 120 lbs

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Reddish black

Attire: Black and white fleece summer jacket made by Fuzhou Tebu Apparel Co., Ltd. Light grey t-shirt, Denim blue jeans, Adidas Kanadia TR 3 Onyx/Turquoise/Black Athletic Sneakers. Glitch is commonly seen wearing blue-framed Tifosi Tyrant Photo chromatic Sunglasses.


Sexuality: Bisexual

Flesh and Blood Color: Mouth color is green (like his inner ear) as is his tongue. The rest of his flesh is yellow, so is his blood.


Likes: Tea, music, running, bike riding, and his job. Especially loves his headphones and IPhone/Pod. Amber's teddy bear (has one of her bandanas tied on it's neck).

Dislikes: Crowds, traffic, little children, losing things.

Activities: Listening to music, creating music, bike riding, reading, video games.

Friends: Kroy Sync, Onyx Ide, Joakim, Anneliese.

Mate: Kroy Sync

Family- Mother: Deceased. || Father: Deceased. || Siblings: N/A || Cousin: Anneliese

Rivals: N/A

Affiliation/Allegiance: N/A. Except to his friends. He's heard about the ASP, and is thinking about joining the cause.

Occupation: Mail Carrier/Paperboy- delivering packages. Like the guys you’d see riding around on bikes delivering things in cities.

Special Attributes: Sometimes wears a gold ring on his right ring finger. It's an engagement ring, but he's not married.
(This is wrong in the image- I need to fix it.)


Personality: Can be viewed as a jerk. He is aggressive and forceful. Quiet and calculating. Doesn't show very many emotions; is a closed-shell. Slightly introverted. He is headstrong, and will not back down.
It's really hard to make friends with him. Doesn't trust people easily. Avoids having a girlfriend/boyfriend after what happened to Amber. Only speaks when necessary.
If you're lucky enough to get close to him, he is actually quite kind. If you need help he will help you, anytime. You may see a slight remnant of his old personality when he's drunk or if you're a friend of his. (This happens mainly around Kroy and Onyx, as they are really the only people who can connect with him. Kroy and Glitch are bros for life.)
He loves to create and listen to music, practically any kind. He prefers all types of rock, Celtic, and D&B.

Negative qualities: He's aggressive, forceful, and is angered/annoyed easily. Drinks too much when he goes out.

Positive qualities: Loyal friend, merciful, trustworthy.

Background: Glitch lives in New York City (outside of the reserve) and has all his life. He lived a normal life for most of his years in school, majoring in music. Although, his plans to become famous changed when he met her. Glitch had a sweetheart, Amber. They had planned on getting married after they graduated. They got an upper level apartment, and Glitch got a job as a teacher in his old college, and Amber landed one as a doctor. They had a great 5 years together, slowly raising money for a wedding. Even with Amber's large income, it was taking forever to save up, as most of the money went towards the bills and for food.

However, she was murdered for the money and valuables in their house.

Glitch was never the same, his happy and fun personality was shattered, and in its place came a cold, quiet and rude one.

Glitch sometimes sells his music as a side with his mail carrier job. Glitch was lucky to get his job, the last person who was working as a mail carrier was just fired the day before, so when he went in with his application.

Got a ragged scar on his left shoulder when he got hit by a car trying to deliver a package. His shoulder blade was shattered on impact, and he was flung into oncoming traffic, landing on another car's windshield. He was extremely lucky to survive. Although the driver said Glitch had put himself in his lane... He suggested Glitch tried committing suicide. This was two months after Amber's death. In his dragon form, he walks with a limp because of the injury
Theme songs:
Imperial Guard - Ghost Cassette
Bad Wings - The Glitch Mob
The Arrival (Instrumental) - Zack Hemsey

I won Glitch in an adoption round. Do not make an MTT, they are closed, visit the group for more information!

DO NOT use without MY prior written permission! DO NOT reupload, redistribute, copy, trace, or alter in anyway or form without MY written permission!

Glitch | Joakim | Art © to Voscian
Kroy Sync © to CosmicDerp
Anneliese © to AkasukiGirl
Onyx Ibe © to AltarDragon
MTTs © to annicron

DO NOT make an MTT, they are closed! But you can get one by entering the ADOPTION CONTESTS held here :iconclubmtt:
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